About Us

Who are PinkVixen?

We are an independent gaming network that pride ourselves on two things; providing solid information based in around the gaming world but also the fact that we provide information on things you actually want to know about. We are a small team of a few dedicated people, myself (Dave), Steve and Sam.

I have been close friends with Steve and Sam for years and I’ve known about them and their skills for even longer. In my opinion they are two of the best informed and hardest working bloggers in the gaming world and they are here just for you.

What do we plan to achieve?

To be completely honest we have one simple goal. To be the one stop shop for gaming, weather it is for level guides, technical issues or information about the latest game patches we want to supply it all. At the moment that could seem a little far fetched but with your help and support we can smash this goal and let everyone know who we are.

How will we reach this goal?

We hope, at first to build your trust by showing you that we aren’t like the rest, we really do care about gaming and the gaming community and we plan to do this by providing all the latest TRUE information and updates along with articles based on hot topics at the time. We hope to bring out content packed posts that make you glad you visited us and we fully appreciate any feedback you guys have so we would love to hear from you all.