5 Shop Layout Secrets the Industry DOESN’T want you to know.

Welcome to a new post by PinkVixen, today we discuss some of the best well kept secrets in the retail industry today!


Number 1: The RIGHT decision.

Did you know that naturally you prefer to walk anti-clockwise round a shop? Studies have shown that you first look left when entering the store then of course, right… this in turn leads to you walking down the right side of store ultimately traveling counter-clockwise. Therefore, you often see floral stands and other brightly coloured displays to the right side of the front of the shop. This is so the big chain companies can basically plan your route for you. Another example of how companies steer you towards the right is when you enter a store foyer, sometimes you will be greeted by a huge display that takes up way too much room and dominates everything, this leads you to stop and think about which way you will travel around the display. Often the company will leave a slightly bigger pathway on the right so your brain subliminally chooses that side because it will be the easiest path.


Number 2: The solution to window shoppers.

A window to a shop is very important, it is the first thing a potential customer will look at when noticing the store. And studies have shown you are less likely to enter if you can see directly into the store. This is because if you can’t see what’s going on you naturally get curious leading you to explore more. But that is just the half of it, you also need a display that completely sells your business and portrays your style. Think of a common charity shop, the windows are full of un co-ordinated products all squeezed into a small space often giving away the nature of the shop before even seeing the name. As Linda Cahan says ‘Space us luxury’ and this can be compared to other things such as a nice big house, it Is often detached and situated in its own little eco bubble giving the effect of seclusion and privacy. The same goes for store products such as a nice dress or handbag. If there are many handbags crammed together in a small display it can often keep the customer on really focusing on the display BUT if you have just a few products spaced well from each other it gives the effect that that item is special and they want to show it off.


Number 3: Seeing RED.

It is a well-known fact that colours can influence our thoughts and decisions, store owners can use this effect to their benefit and they do not hesitate in doing so. For example, red can help encourage you to make decisions BUT using too many bright coloured signs can cause someone to feel on edge which then leads to the thought of leaving due to stress. For some people shopping is already stressful and this subtle thing can tip them over the edge. If you notice, big brands often use softer colours such as a soft orange and yellow followed up by baby blue. These are colours that sooth customers, then they use the reds and the bright green to grab your attention. Also, a fun fact, people are naturally attracted to U shaped and circle signs due to the soft appeal and the need to enter the space in between the U.


Number 4: A treat for the hardwork:

You’ve been shopping for three hours, the kids are crying, the cart is full and you are waiting in the long que just so you can practically live for the next week, then you see it… your favourite chocolate bar surrounded by so many other sweets and of course chewing gum. This is no coincidence and big corporations would just love to reward you for spending all that hard-earned money with them by making you buy one more thing! This is a well-known sales tactic in supermarkets and you must picture it like this: The shop is a maze, you are the mouse and the chocolate at the tills is the cheese cubes. This is how big shopping companies see it too except the maze is full of ‘essentials’ and the reward is something you have to buy too. The reward items are often small and cheap like chewing gum or chocolate bars which means they are often overlooked when getting around the regular shop.


Number 5: Ignore Everything I’ve just said!

So, you’ve learnt the secrets, what companies do and where they put things. You know exactly where the good deals are and what to look out for. Then the unimaginable happens. They change the whole layout and flip the store upside down! Big companies love to do this. Not for space reasons or new aisles. They simply want you to spend longer in the shop which ultimately leads to more money being spent on your behalf. Notice the one thing that doesn’t move… the chocolate at the tills.

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